In addition to our weekly teaching at Los Angeles schools, The Writer’s Den often partners with fellow campus organizations to bring creative writing to student service recipients through standalone workshops.

If your group would like the Writer’s Den to put on a workshop for your students, email us at

Group Stories
Our group story activities take form either through combining pictures and telling a story together or through pass-along stories. Students learn to collaborate with their peers and improve on others’ ideas as they create their group stories.

Story Cards
Inspiration from randomization: students draw cards for character, setting and plot, and then volunteers walk them through planning a story.  While there are several ways to write stories, this activity uses a structured approach to emphasize the importance of strong story elements in order to make creative writing work.

This workshop is most effective with a 1:1 volunteer-to-student ratio.

Super Taboo
As one of our most popular workshops, Super Taboo is a large-scale version of its namesake. Students build their vocabularies and strengthen their communication skills by competing to describe “goal words” to teammates without using certain “buzz words.” Themes available upon request.

Themed Writing
We have a variety of prompts for seasonal holidays and various other themes  that help students work on their writing skills in creative ways. If our collection doesn’t have the theme you want, we’ll create it for you.

This workshop is most effective with a 1:1 or 1:2 volunteer-to-student ratio.