Book Recommendation 2017-2018 (Archive)

Winter 2018

Fall 2017

The Vegetarian by Han Kang

“This short novel is one of the most startling I have read. Set in contemporary South Korea, it explores the life of a young married woman, Yeong-hye, whose decision to give up meat ends up devastating two families. Han Kang’s achievement is to suggest that this defiant act of vegetarianism can smash several lives and threaten the order of a society.”

-from Julia Pascal’s review on The Independent

suggestion made by ext. director Diana Park

“It’s dark and haunting. I highly recommend for those interested in translated Korean literature or in Kafkaesque literature.”

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

“At a time when the average young-adult novel was, in Hinton’s characterization, ‘Mary Jane went to the prom,’ ‘The Outsiders’ shocked readers with its frank depictions of adolescents smoking, drinking and ‘rumbling.’ […] By contrast, ‘The Outsiders’ was a story ‘for teenagers, about teenagers, written by a teenager.’ Hinton’s candid, canny appraisal of the conflict between Socs, or Socials, and Greasers (for which one might substitute Jets and Sharks), published when she was 17, was an immediate hit and remains the best-selling young-adult novel of all time.”

-from Dale Peck’s review on the New York Times

suggestion made by pres. Jui Sarwate.

The Outsiders was one of the first books that I read that thrilled me – with the bluntness of the characters, the honesty of the plot, and the reality of a time when these young gangs and their deep-rooted issues truly existed.”

Skippy Dies by Paul Murray

“If killing your protagonist with more than 600 pages to go sounds audacious, it’s nothing compared with the literary feats Murray pulls off in this hilarious, moving and wise book. Recently named to the Man Booker Prize long list, “Skippy Dies” is an epic crafted around, of all things, a pack of 14-year-old boys. It’s the “Moby-Dick” of Irish prep schools.”

-from Jess Walter’s review on the Washington Post

suggestion made by vice pres. Eva Wetzel

“Join me, if you dare, on an epic journey of prescription drug abuse, M-theory, Celtic myths, World War I, jelly doughnuts, and crying over this amazing book.”