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Learning Plot with the WD, Part 2

We ended up teaching plot to our high school class a week after our middle school teams, so I took the results from Columbus and reworked the lesson plan before Friday. Normally we start our classes with a freewrite, then … Continue reading

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A mini pep talk for NaNoWriMo

I’ve always wanted to write a NaNo pep talk, so I took the most captive audience I could find and talked about Thanksgiving weekend in an email to our members participating in NaNoWriMo this year: If you’re behind: your goal … Continue reading

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Batman says Stay Away from Cliches…Like the Dead Parents Plot Point

So we might be teaching the kids about cliches this year. I’m glad to say we don’t hear a lot of cliched phrases or plot points in the Den meeting room, but in case you get tempted, here’s 10 tips … Continue reading

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I think we should attempt to state neat summaries before we start reading our work. We’ve all been there. You’re listening to someone read his/her character speak to a father for paragraphs, cross a desert for pages, kill someone out … Continue reading

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog…

For an important announcement – please send us excerpts of your stories! No longer than 1000 words, please…and they’ll be posted on the blog for all to read and provide our world famous constructive feedback. E-mail to thewritersden@ucla.edu.

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How are you with Death Scenes?

One of the most amazing parts about spending time with students far younger than you is their surprising ability to draw your attention to details you might not have noticed otherwise. This past year at Columbus Middle School, I was … Continue reading

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