Programs & Events

Throughout the year, we host a variety of events in addition to our regular meetings as a way for members to get to know each other better & have more opportunities to write.

Field Trips: A few times each quarter, we take a bus trip to a museum, bookstore, library, hiking trail, or other place we hope will be fun & inspiring for everyone who comes along!

On-Campus Events: In addition to off-campus trips, we host several writing-related events on campus every year, including a quarterly open mic night & a workshop weekend in the Spring.

Writing Contest: Every Winter, we host a campus-wide writing contest for undergraduates. Submissions can be prose or poetry, and in the past, first place in each category was published in Westwind.

NaNoWriMo: November is National Novel Writing Month (also known as NaNoWriMo.) Every year, we host write-ins and other events throughout November to help you get to your word count goal! For more info about  NaNoWriMo, check out their website! (link)

Write-Ins: Because it is often difficult to make time for writing, we host several write-ins each quarter.

… And that’s just the stuff we have names for! Check out the calendar in the sidebar for the dates & times of upcoming events. For more info about what we have planned, be sure to sign up for our E-mail list!


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