The Vow

Dedicated to Allen Yekikian & Sosé Thomassian.

This past weekend, the Armenian community lost two young heroes named Allen Yekikian and Sose Thomassian in an unfortunate and tragic fatal car accident. The couple had repatriated back to Armenia, got married there, and began to start a new life — holding high positions in Armenia as well. The newlyweds were loved, cherished, and admired by the entire Armenian community and were definitely two individuals whose legacy will live on forever.

By: Tiffany Esmailian

An incomplete thought; an unfinished life
A spark of hope; a beautiful husband and wife
An intricate mind; a journey left to complete
A fight for what’s right; a refusal of defeat

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The Words on the Bus Go Round and Round

Some snapshots of our field trip with Wooden High School at Get Lit’s Classic Slam. // Angelica L

After a few weeks of introducing the students at Wooden High to Spoken Word poetry, we brought them to see some of the most talented high schoolers in L.A. at Get Lit’s Classic Slam (finals are tomorrow, hosted by George Watsky!).

When everyone was loading up the bus, one of our students Danny was still so inspired by the poets’ powerful deliveries that he decided to stick his head out the window and spin a few lines of his own. We hoped the passersby enjoyed it just as much as we did.

Maybe next year you’ll see some of the Wooden students on a spoken word stage.

Take the Left

By Tiffany Esmailian

I walk down a road that seems familiar to me
But I don’t seem to like anything that I see
I’ve seen it before; I want something new
I want to be enlightened, maybe by you
I want to be shown new things and thoughts
So show me your plans and show me your plots
Maybe you’ll see what I’ve been through
Maybe you’ll go where I’m going too

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The Writer’s Den’s Adventures in the Festival of Books: Rabbit holes, corpses, and car problems

Yesterday, a group of us from the Writer’s Den braved the USC campus and had quite the adventure at (and coming back from) the L.A. Times Festival of Books. Here are some highlights from the day:

Margaret Atwood at the L.A Times Festival of Books. // Angelica L.

“There will always be storytellers because we are narrative beings.”

Margaret Atwood spoke about her thoughts on writing, her past, and even her take on Canadians. When asked about her choice to be a writer rather than a biologist (like her father and brother), she said, “If I had, I would be making your potatoes glow in the dark.” But instead, she added, she makes pages glow in the dark.

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Five Guys

During the last meeting of Winter Quarter, we wrote to a list of random songs. Kyle & Dmitry happened to pick “Little Talks” — how they got to the following story in 10 min, we have no idea:

These guys are the founders of Five Guys restaurants which can be found all across the United States. They are from Iceland, but they can cook up a mean hamburger. They fly around in the zeppelin, spreading burger joy to the little boys and girls of the world.


Iceland is a third world country. It has been destroyed by the unending tide of American capitalism. Only these Five Guys have the gusto and gumption to strike a blow against the dragon of American oppression. Which is a literal dragon, because dragons are very real, and they have enslaved the people of Iceland with their fiery breath. Because as everyone knows, fire is super effective against ice. But the Five Guys had a secret weapon: The Floating Woman of Rainbow Beams. And the Rainbow Beams could defeat the dragon in one technicolor blast, spreading the myriad hues of the world to the monochrome black and whiteness of Iceland.


The Five Guys approached the dragon. The dragon was mean and scary and smoky. But the Floating Woman of Rainbow Beams fired the Rainbow Beams at the mean and scary and smoky dragon, and defeated the mean and scary and smoky dragon. So the Five Guys were victorious, and they saved Iceland from the oppression of McDonald’s and Burger Hut, the foul merger of Burger King and Pizza Hut. And thus on that day, it was proclaimed the Day of the Five Guys, or El Dio de los Guysos Cincos.