A Letter for 2014: The Letter of the Day

sad batman
Writer’s Den is over. Sad Batman is sad.

Let me start with a few rough statistics.

My first Writer’s Den meeting, in the fall of 2010,* was in a small room in Ackerman Union with no more than eight people and several untouched boxes of pizza, as Angelica recalls. Continue reading “A Letter for 2014: The Letter of the Day”


Book Sprint – LIVE

Because we can.

6:04 pm Hristiana does not believe she has read any books.
6:05 pm Hristiana cries “Aha!”
6:05 pm Sophie says “cute.”
6:08 pm Lyndsey says Sophie’s love of Twilight sets her apart from everyone else at this table.
6:09 pm Debating whether the 17th century is the 1800s.
6:11 pm Anna says “I’m just here.”
6:13 pm Lyndsey wants to write a review of the live blog.
6:15 pm Anna was named after a pigeon.
6:16 pm Oh, her grandmother’s name just means pigeon. Context, people.
6:17 pm Lyndsey struggles to pick something that’s “hipster, but not too hipster.”
6:18 pm People actually seem to be writing now. Apart from Sophie. And me.
6:21 pm People have STICKERS!
6:22 pm Hristiana has been reduced to singing old (edit: and irrelevant) Taylor Swift.
6:24 pm Westwind table appears…focused.
6:25 pm Shriya is on her third review and is STEALING ALL THE STICKERS.
6:25 pm Angelica drew a line on the board. Mehhhh.
6:27 pm Richard has gone to find Chris. THE BLOG IS MINEEEE
6:27 pm Richard found Chris 😦
6:28 pm Chris just said “spiffy” <2
6:30 pm There are smilies on Shriya's achievement card. Sophie said "that's cute."
6:31 pm Anna wants a Canadian author to count as 'international.'
6:33 pm Anna made an unnecessary meeeer sound.
6:36 pm Richard wants me to write something. Nothing has happened…
6:38 pm Richard wants his laptop back. That's not gonna happen.
6:43 pm I think Shriya is winning?
6:49 pm Chris: What blog?
6:52 pm Shriya has 9 achievements and 7 reviews. Who does she think she is.
6:54 pm Chris thinks that cookie is getting to him.
6:54 pm Chris had 19 cookies in a row the other day.
6:55 pm Angelica is hovering creepily.
6:57 pm Chris: Have you ever eaten paper?
6:59 pm Hristiana: DON'T CENSOR US, SOPHIE. (I have to…trust me :/ No one needs to know what they're saying…)
7:00 pm Anna: I think we've put Sophie through enough.
7:00 pm Hristiana: Sophie's a strong girl.
7:03 pm Hristiana (to Chris): Keep those stories coming.
7:10 pm Anna has NOT SEEN STAR WARS.
7:16 pm My battery died, so I forced Chris to give me his computer, so we're back with more exciting updates like this one.
7:17 pm Discussing bread, rice cereal, and other grains.
7:18 pm Chris has League of Legends on his computer. He says he only plays 2000 times a week.
7:19 pm Hristiana is at the top of the leaderboard with 13 achievements.
7:21 pm And now, the epic conclusion to the Book Sprint. '
7:27 pm Awarding the 'starred' categories: oldest author. Anna suggests the Bible.
7:32 pm Anna comments how she keeps watching Sophie button and unbutton her shirt jacket.
7:36 pm Hristiana won a book for a high score of 17 achievements.
7:37 pm Lightning round between Shriya and Lyndsey.
7:38 pm Lyndsey wins the lightning round for most reviews, for some "horrible YA novel."
7:39 pm Contestants vying for 'most creative.'
7:40 pm Angelica wrote a 'creative' review for David Sedaris's Me Talk Pretty One Day. I snapped for her.
7:44 pm We're done! Thanks for following this wonderfully useful and insightful blog.