2017-18 Board and Site Leaders


upper left: Kimberly Lui (our previous external director) | middle left: Amy Thein | upper right: Joyce Samson
lower left: Eva Wetzel | lower middle: Jui Sarwate | lower right: Diana Park


Amy Thein

Executive Director, Co-Site leader for John Wooden High School

Amy is this year’s Executive Director. She handles the finances and administrative tasks of the club like hot potatoes. She is a fourth year Human Biology and Society major with an English minor. Amy highly recommends you to listen to “Molecular Shape of You” – an Ed Sheeran parody – because she’s a science nerd and thinks that it shows the beauty of life through subjects you would rather not take.


Joyce Samson

Director of Volunteering, Site Leader for Christopher Columbus Middle School

Joyce is our Director of Volunteering this year. She’s a fourth year Biochemistry major and a Society and Genetics minor. When not doing science-y or writerly stuff, she enjoys watching Jeopardy and any TLC show. She is a self-proclaimed foodie, yet eats pasta on the daily. Joyce is, above all, a cat person.



Jui Sarwate

President, Site leader for Fairburn Avenue Elementary School

Jui is our President this year. She’s a fourth year English major and Digital Humanities minor. Especially interested in spoken word, short fiction and screenwriting, she is excited to improve other forms and mediums of creative expression. Jui is slightly obsessed with the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and will find a way to quote it in literally any conversation. She is also a fan of puppers, food delivery services and getting lost in couch cushions.


Eva Wetzel

Vice President

Eva Wetzel is proud to serve as Vice President of the Writer’s Den! A proud Nebraskan, English major, and fangirl, Eva has varied interests and bounces from quickfire obsession to obsession. One day, she hopes to become a cryptid as accomplished as her heroes, Mothman and Bigfoot. Here is one of her favorite wholesome YouTube videos/memes:


Diana Park

External Director

As external director, Diana communicates between The Writer’s Den and other campus organizations. She’s also in charge of TWD’s WordPress & Facebook page. A third year English major, Diana likes discovering new music and collecting small, aesthetically pleasing objects.

Alana de Hinojosa

Site Leader for Markham Middle School

Nicholas A. Mayer

Co-Site Leader for John Wooden High School

Nicholas A. Mayer is a political science and history double major in his last year, and intends on volunteering for the Peace Corps as a teacher after he graduates.


Ari Reider

NaNoWriMo Coordinator

“Hi! I’m Ari, and I’m the NaNoWriMo Coordinator for the 2017-18 school year. I’ll be organizing events to help all of you doing National Novel Writing Month in November, whether those be major events such as our kickoff event, the Night of Writing Dangerously, writing-intensive sit-ins and catch-up days, or simply providing tea during more casual events. I’m a double major in English and Chemistry. I mostly write screenplays, but I’ve written plenty of prose and poetry of all sorts. I’ve also recently started doing improv, so feel free to ask me about that. I’m also on the internet way too often to be healthy. Ask me about my retirement plan!”