Introducing: The Reptiles of Writer’s Den 2015-16

In case you don’t know us yet!

Various Board Dinosaurs:


“Yara Alshwairikh. 3rd year. Biology major. President: plan meetings and socials. I LOVE animals.” 

I would like to add that she particularly likes cats. Notice that the home page of our website has a picture of a cat. Ahhh. She once got a keyboard (like the piano-type, courtesy of Ari) that plays different cat mews. You should ask her about it sometime.


Shriya is our Director of Volunteering and an aspiring teacher. As Director of Volunteering, Shriya is in charge of volunteer recruitment, curriculum planning and oversight, and communication with volunteering sites. She’s a fourth year Cognitive Science and Education student, currently working on her Honors Thesis in Psychology. In her (badly-utilized) spare time, Shriya knits, writes experimental poem-song combinations, watches cartoons, and applies to graduate schools.


Anna is the Executive Director of this operation, also known as the designated Paperwork Filler-Outer and Annasaurus Rex. She primarily (though that is not to suggest prolifically) writes fiction, though she has also dabbled in other forms, such as angsty teenage poetry in which phrases like “wholly incomplete” figure far more prominently than she is presently comfortable admitting. When she’s not writing, filling out paperwork, or attempting to claw herself out from underneath ever-growing piles of schoolwork, Anna enjoys food and referring to herself in the third person. (tl;dr I’m really weird, hi there!)


Amy is the noob External Director who’s just barely starting to get the hang of things. She’s a second year and needs to start figuring out what to do with her life. You can go to her if you want to put something up on the blog.

PS. Did you catch that pun? Board Dinosaurs? Bored… okay.

Site Lizards:


“Hi! My name’s Ari (but you can call me Ari). I’m a third year English, major, with a possible double major in Undecided. I’m the volunteering site leader for Columbus Middle School, and the unofficial resident cynic. I spend much of my free time writing…or planning things I will be writing…or thinking about things I want to write…okay, I don’t really spend a whole lot of my time writing. But I pretend to, and it’s the thought that counts!”


Hey, I’m Joyce Anne Samson! I’m a second year Biochemistry major. I’m the site leader for afternoon Markham Middle school. When I’m not doing Writer’s-Den-y stuff, I like to take naps, and eat fruit, and dance. I write stuff too sometimes, mostly poetry. I like puns and dark chocolate.

And that’s about it! Shout out to Frankie, another site lizard, but I don’t have her number and she’s studying abroad this quarter. She’ll be with us soon.

Lastly, don’t be shy to talk to us! We’re all here for you, and we’re here to listen. Wow that got really deep. But yeah, we want you all to feel welcome here at Writer’s Den.

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