It is nearly the end of second week of Summer Session C, which means we are on a due course toward midterms and flailing our fists in a panic. However, we’ve had a good first two meetings thus far! The first week, we totally got the room wrong so we’re sorry for the confusion. We are definitely in Ackerman for our summer meetings, for anyone who wants to join us, not Kerckhoff. I never knew there was a hallway just before reaching Campus Cuts, nor that said hall would lead to the Global Viewpoint Lounge. Shortcuts o:. We also had cookies, introduced ourselves, and dusted the cobwebs off of whatever writing project each individual needed to attend to.

At the second meeting, we had more cookies, courtesy of Ari Reider. We chose character roles for ourselves and verbally brainstormed an outline for a soap opera. Needless to say, it was an interesting experience to see how the character archetypes “The Other Woman,” “The Butler,” “The Bartender,” “The Fairy Godmother,” “The Playboy,” “The Actor,” “The Illegitimate Child” and “The Problem Solver” would interact with one another. The details are rather complicated since we did not put the ideas down to paper until mid-way through, but I know that at least one person died by running into a wall. Spoiler alert.

We’ve had a lot of fun, so we hope you guys can make it to the next meeting! And meet us by the Bruin bear at 7:20pm to join us for an improv show tomorrow, August 14th.

Meanwhile, now’s a good time to introduce the next summer experiment! The strategy is almost as exciting as the previous one:

Only write while in bed.

Take that as you will. Find a bed, write stuff while atop it. If you don’t own a bed, find someone else’s. Perhaps you’ll choose to sit on the bed while writing, or lie down à la french girl. Whatever floats your boat.

As always, let us know if you’re interested in trying out this writing strategy, or send one our way at Happy writing!


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