Summer Experiments: The Last Stand

Forgive me for the cheesy title, but I thought it was funny. Anyhoo, remember how we mentioned that we’d be blogging about our summer experiments? The time has finally come. Cue dramatic music.

Well, it was only Anna, our wonderful executive director, and Amy (aka me, I’m speaking in third person, this is weird) who had to suffer through this specific writing strategy. The strategy that we had to do for a week was: Only write while standing up. So, we did, and this was Anna’s response:

“Standing up is hard work, and I am lazy. This week, I learned that at least some of my love for writing stems from the fact that it is an activity typically performed while sitting. On the first day of the experiment, I was about to sit down to write, but then I remembered that I needed to stand and got really, really sad. After about five minutes of scribbling, I wanted a break.

Needless to say, the first experiment did not increase my writing productivity as I hoped it would. Sadface. BUT I have one important tip for those who want to try it out: find a writing surface of appropriate height. If you are bending or crouching, failure is basically guaranteed.

Happy writing, friends!”

The love for sitting is completely understandable. Personally, I like lying down while writing, but I did try out the standing. I may have cheated a little by leaning against the wall, or propping my leg on a couch to steady myself, but oh well. I agree that it was more tiring to write while standing. However, in a way, it was somewhat motivating for me. I had to put in more energy to hold myself up, so I wasn’t as distracted by messages and the internet. I would’ve had to stand longer if I’d procrastinated on writing, which would’ve been more unwanted effort. So, this method somewhat increased my productivity.

As a bonus, I attempted to beg my good friend, Sally, to join in on this experiment, and she told me that she had actually tried writing while standing up before. She immediately said that it was “tiring” and “not a good strategy.” When I asked her to clarify, she revised her statement. She was at her parents’ restaurant and had been sitting for a while, so she decided to stand by the counter while she wrote. The method was fine, she thought, but she felt that “it’s easier to lose focus after a while” and that “it’s harder to keep good handwriting.”

So it sounds like, based on this small sample size, the general consensus is that writing while standing is tiring. However, it may encourage some of you to stay focused if this strategy was applied for a short period of time.

If any of you guys try this out, feel free to leave a comment below! And send us more writing strategies our way at We’ll be posting the next writing strategy soon, so stay tuned!

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