Hey party people, hope that your summer’s going well!

We’ve got an exciting project coming up, in the form of what we’d like to call writing experiments. While the fancy italics might make the term sound tall, dark and mysterious, the concept is quite simple. Every few weeks, we’ll have a new writing strategy posted on the blog for anyone to try out. Our purpose is to see how effective these techniques may be, and how much of a fool we, the participants, can make of ourselves.

These strategies may range from something as simple as writing in bed, to writing while intoxicated (not that we’re advocating that; it’s The Writer’s Den, not The Writer’s Tavern).

You might want to sit down to prepare for this next bit.

This time, our writing strategy will be…

Only write while standing up.

Thrilling, we know. But hey, if you wanna join in on the fun, or if you have a writing strategy you’d like to suggest, shoot us an email! You can reach us at thewritersden@ucla.edu

In case you have yet to sign up for our summer 2015 mailing list, feel free to do so here if you’re interested.

Thanks guys, and have a wonderful day!


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