Murder Mystery Night


“Death is looming.”

Contrary to what everyone thought, I was invited to the will reading of Harry Killens IV. Yes, I am the Grim/death/scary, but I don’t have the habit of crashing will readings and dinner parties. I do have manners, mind you. Some guy called E asked me to come, and I thought I might as well be nice and show up. Well, to be completely honest, I came for the food. Whoever was so kind as to make the veggie kebabs, I hope I didn’t kill you that night.


I didn’t know much about Harry, but it seems like a lot of people hated the guy. I don’t really understand why, I mean, he made Authentic Alaskan Friendship Bracelets ™ for everyone, including me! the guy put a lot of love and effort into making them. You humans are so ungrateful.

Authentic Alaskan Friendship Bracelets ™

Authentic Alaskan Friendship Bracelets ™

People kept asking me who the murderer is as if I knew the answer. They didn’t believe me when I explained that I don’t get to choose who dies and when, I only execute the murder. I was trying to solve the mystery just like everyone else, and throughout the evening I was suspicious of that Clinton woman. I never really liked politicians…they make my job much more tiresome than it should be. I was wrong though, as it was revealed that E was the murderer. But who knows, Clinton lady might have hired him to do it. (did she?)

Clinton Lady

Clinton Lady

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