First Meeting: Welcome to the Den!


A few people looked over at me. I must have said it out loud.


When I attended my first Writer’s Den meeting a couple of years ago, we barely filled up a small classroom in Bunche. Today, at my third First Meeting of the Year, that was certainly not the case.

English majors, biochemistry majors, and political science majors. The Room enthusiasts, goat-owners, and NaNoWriMo champs. Thank you to the 80+ (!!!) of you who attended our first meeting of the year! We are very excited to welcome a new batch of quirky, creative, and bright writers to the Den.

In just the past couple of years that I’ve been a member, the Writer’s Den has grown so much and in so many ways–and I look forward to seeing it evolve even more, with the help of all of you!

WD meeting

Some of our lovely writers, post-meeting.


Now, in the midst of introductions and Human Bingo madness, you may or may not have forgotten some of the nuts & bolts of The Writer’s Den. So here’s a quick recap:


How to Share Your Work: If you’d like to read your creative writing at the meeting, please email us at

Volunteering: As you may know, on Fridays, we teach creative writing at elementary, middle, and continuation schools all around Los Angeles. For those of you who are interested in volunteering with us, click here to sign up (and if you’d like more info as to what volunteering entails, click here).

Not on the email list?: If you’d like to be added to our email list, click here.


We hope to see you all again next Tuesday at 7 pm in Powell CLICC Lab C!


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