Everyday Haikus: Love and Hate Edition

By Marvin Diaz

Nothing is sacred.
Writing is meant to be fun.
Not just angst and tears.
Our lives make good books.
Nothing is perfect, you know?
Love and hate are one…

The sex is perfect.
The way you laugh at my quirks.
I want to propose.
But it’s the garlic.
Olfactory torturous.
They’re called breath mints. Sheesh!

I love petting you.
Watching you run on your wheel.
You’re so fucking cute!
Sadly your owner
Is a jerk who never called
While we were dating.

I love my students.
The innocent potential.
Tiny hands of hope.
But why the wedgies?
And the testicle torture.

My job is awesome.
You get to travel the world.
And the view is great.
But you don’t sleep much.
You can’t drink in the cockpit.
And I’m scared of heights.

The way you comfort
And put me to sleep at night.
The sweet soft humming.
But I hate it when
Your batteries nee changing.
… God I need a man.

I look at the sky.
The stars, the cottony clouds.
You inspire my soul
But I still hate it,
When you cast rain and hail, when…
… your birds poop on me.

I love my writing.
My stories give me escape.
Counts as productive!
But the agonies
Of writer’s block and cliches.
What rhymes with orange?!
For me writing’s fun,
Doesn’t have to be sacred.
Brings joy regardless. 

** this (these?) poem(s) was written in response to a weekly challenge:
Write a haiku about someone or something you love. Then, write a haiku about someone or something you hate. Combine the two in a character, a peace of prose, a poem, etc….

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