Creative Challenge

Last week’s creative challenge was to write a story on the back of a receipt.

This week: re-interpret an urban legend or any type of modern folklore (ex: Bloody Mary.) Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Here’s a receipt story we received:


“Streets of Philadelphia: a Sports Fan’s Manifesto” by Dmitry Neromov
(click on the picture to enlarge, or keep reading for typed version)

What are people doing with their lives? Why are they angry over something they have no control? 

So what if your favorite football team that happens to have the same city in its name as they city you grew up in lost? Why do you spend every fall Sunday glued to your TV and yelling at Nick Foles or that other guy who replaced him? He can’t hear you. He can’t hear you. Besides, Chip Kelly, the incompetent coach has a say in what goes on.

“Getting uptight over your precious Eagles’ losing is like cursing the sky for another cloudy day. Whatever happens… happens. You can listen to what the weatherman says or watch Sports Center, but they mean nothing.

That’s why I watch the game for the game, not its result. Oh, and for the fighting. I don’t give a toss about football–though everyone at my neighbourhood bar does–hockey is a ballet with intense amounts of testosterone. Go Flyers…and everyone else.

P.S. – 2 days until NaNoWriMo!

P.P.S – here’s another Creative Challenge: come up with a better title for this update!

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