Tunnel Vision

By Tiffany Esmailian

There’s a clear-cut fork in the winding road,
The left —  illuminated and lit, the right —  dark and shadowed.
The tunnel on the right obscures most of the way.
The open road on the left lets you do anything you may.
I, a wanderer, creeped into the tunnel with care,
But lost my sense of direction immediately as I entered there.
All I see is a small light at the end of the path,
And that is all I need to proceed – a guaranteed good aftermath.
But beware, things are not always as they seem,
When your reality is clouded by a fantasy or dream.
The small light I noticed coming from afar
Were actually the headlights of an oncoming car.
So instead of reaching the end, the end reached me,
Knocked me down to the ground so rapidly,
But I’m still alive – only a few major wounds and pains,
So I can possibly turn these losses into gains.
If I get back up I may find what I seek,
In this tunnel that seems so gloomy and bleak.
The choice is mine, to get up and get going,
To see if behind the car, there was actually another light glowing.

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