Twilight Tomfoolery

Twilight Tomfoolery

At last week’s meeting, we were tasked with using the words from this excerpt to write something entirely new. We came up with some…. interesting reinterpretations.

Kirk & Sophie’s poem really needs to be read out loud (and dramatized) to get the full effect. Seriously. Read it out loud:

Lion, lamb, lion, lamb
My eyes
Sick stupid
Sighed my eyes
My eyes sighed
Hiding the word,
My eyes sighed
I thrilled
My eyes.
The lion.
Masochistic lamb
Stupid lion
My stupid lion

Anna (that’s me! I’m talking about myself in third person!) took the “ambiguously meaningful, meaningfully ambiguous, or just a bunch of unrelated words?” approach. We’ll leave it up to you to decide. She also used exactly all of the words from the excerpt! (I am proud of this, in first person):

The hiding lion looked away.

I, stupid eyes. He a sick word. I love what
sighed —
I fell with-in.

So murmured the lion: “what, my lamb?”

And as to the lamb? Masochistic?

Miguel kept things short and sweet, and got a bit creative with the words he used:

The masochistic lion was thrilled as Stephanie Meyer fell onto him.

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