In Pursuit of Productivity: Intro

There’s a lot of advice floating around on the Internet about being a productive writer: Have a routine. Don’t have a routine. Write early in the morning. Write late at night. Have a daily goal. Have a weekly goal. Research first. Focus on the story first. Tell people about your story. Don’t tell people about your story. Write standing up. Write upside down. Write in a super complicated multi-person yoga pose while chanting in Latin to summon the muses. (Just kidding. You really should be using Greek for best results.)

So…what methods should a writer use? It’s difficult figuring out what works and what doesn’t. The only way of knowing is to try everything out—so, in the name of science, I’m embarking on a series of experiments to determine the best productivity tips out there.

Leave your tips in the comments below. I’ll be back next Friday with a report on my first test.
On a scale of 1 to Stephen King, how much did you write today? In Pursuit of Productivity is a biweekly series in which an apologetically unproductive writer goes on a quest to test-drive all of the productivity tips on the Internet. Join her on this journey—or you could use the time to write instead. Your choice.

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