The Vow

Dedicated to Allen Yekikian & Sosé Thomassian.

This past weekend, the Armenian community lost two young heroes named Allen Yekikian and Sose Thomassian in an unfortunate and tragic fatal car accident. The couple had repatriated back to Armenia, got married there, and began to start a new life — holding high positions in Armenia as well. The newlyweds were loved, cherished, and admired by the entire Armenian community and were definitely two individuals whose legacy will live on forever.

By: Tiffany Esmailian

An incomplete thought; an unfinished life
A spark of hope; a beautiful husband and wife
An intricate mind; a journey left to complete
A fight for what’s right; a refusal of defeat

So much drive; so much perfection
So rational and wise; so precise with direction
So tragic to see; so devastating to hear
So lost without you; so hard not to shed a tear

A semicolon; a continuation
An abridgment; a solemn nation
A life cut short; an ending too soon
A dark day in May; A deep gloom of June

Your life was a fragment; but you were a complete sentence
You faced many obstacles; but you made each exit an entrance
You saw many flaws; but you made certain they were addressed
You were two separate individuals; but together, you coalesced

Your memory is far from incomplete – you are forever immortal.
Two angels on Earth have entered a different portal.
At the altar you vowed, “’Till death do us part.”
May you rest knowing your legacy is one forever to impart.


Allen and Sose,
Your sentence ended on a semicolon; with your guidance, however, we vow to finish the rest of the story.

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2 Responses to The Vow

  1. Noushig says:

    fucking beautiful – excuse the profanity but it was the immediate sentiment that came to mind…

  2. Arick Gevorkian says:

    Dear Tiffany. Your “Vow” is so fitting and eloquently written for Allen and Sose’. Thank you…. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions with us. Just like many, I’m Numb, disoriented, angry, confused, and disheartened and thoughts are all over the place!!!! We lost two very dear souls, friends… our kids, our inspiring young leaders last week. Why? No words… No rhyme or reason!!!!

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