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Book Sprint – LIVE

Because we can.

6:04 pm Hristiana does not believe she has read any books.
6:05 pm Hristiana cries “Aha!”
6:05 pm Sophie says “cute.”
6:08 pm Lyndsey says Sophie’s love of Twilight sets her apart from everyone else at this table.
6:09 pm Debating whether the 17th century is the 1800s.
6:11 pm Anna says “I’m just here.”
6:13 pm Lyndsey wants to write a review of the live blog.
6:15 pm Anna was named after a pigeon.
6:16 pm Oh, her grandmother’s name just means pigeon. Context, people.
6:17 pm Lyndsey struggles to pick something that’s “hipster, but not too hipster.”
6:18 pm People actually seem to be writing now. Apart from Sophie. And me.
6:21 pm People have STICKERS!
6:22 pm Hristiana has been reduced to singing old (edit: and irrelevant) Taylor Swift.
6:24 pm Westwind table appears…focused.
6:25 pm Shriya is on her third review and is STEALING ALL THE STICKERS.
6:25 pm Angelica drew a line on the board. Mehhhh.
6:27 pm Richard has gone to find Chris. THE BLOG IS MINEEEE
6:27 pm Richard found Chris 😦
6:28 pm Chris just said “spiffy” <2
6:30 pm There are smilies on Shriya's achievement card. Sophie said "that's cute."
6:31 pm Anna wants a Canadian author to count as 'international.'
6:33 pm Anna made an unnecessary meeeer sound.
6:36 pm Richard wants me to write something. Nothing has happened…
6:38 pm Richard wants his laptop back. That's not gonna happen.
6:43 pm I think Shriya is winning?
6:49 pm Chris: What blog?
6:52 pm Shriya has 9 achievements and 7 reviews. Who does she think she is.
6:54 pm Chris thinks that cookie is getting to him.
6:54 pm Chris had 19 cookies in a row the other day.
6:55 pm Angelica is hovering creepily.
6:57 pm Chris: Have you ever eaten paper?
6:59 pm Hristiana: DON'T CENSOR US, SOPHIE. (I have to…trust me :/ No one needs to know what they're saying…)
7:00 pm Anna: I think we've put Sophie through enough.
7:00 pm Hristiana: Sophie's a strong girl.
7:03 pm Hristiana (to Chris): Keep those stories coming.
7:10 pm Anna has NOT SEEN STAR WARS.
7:16 pm My battery died, so I forced Chris to give me his computer, so we're back with more exciting updates like this one.
7:17 pm Discussing bread, rice cereal, and other grains.
7:18 pm Chris has League of Legends on his computer. He says he only plays 2000 times a week.
7:19 pm Hristiana is at the top of the leaderboard with 13 achievements.
7:21 pm And now, the epic conclusion to the Book Sprint. '
7:27 pm Awarding the 'starred' categories: oldest author. Anna suggests the Bible.
7:32 pm Anna comments how she keeps watching Sophie button and unbutton her shirt jacket.
7:36 pm Hristiana won a book for a high score of 17 achievements.
7:37 pm Lightning round between Shriya and Lyndsey.
7:38 pm Lyndsey wins the lightning round for most reviews, for some "horrible YA novel."
7:39 pm Contestants vying for 'most creative.'
7:40 pm Angelica wrote a 'creative' review for David Sedaris's Me Talk Pretty One Day. I snapped for her.
7:44 pm We're done! Thanks for following this wonderfully useful and insightful blog.


The Vow

Dedicated to Allen Yekikian & Sosé Thomassian.

This past weekend, the Armenian community lost two young heroes named Allen Yekikian and Sose Thomassian in an unfortunate and tragic fatal car accident. The couple had repatriated back to Armenia, got married there, and began to start a new life — holding high positions in Armenia as well. The newlyweds were loved, cherished, and admired by the entire Armenian community and were definitely two individuals whose legacy will live on forever.

By: Tiffany Esmailian

An incomplete thought; an unfinished life
A spark of hope; a beautiful husband and wife
An intricate mind; a journey left to complete
A fight for what’s right; a refusal of defeat

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