Take the Left

By Tiffany Esmailian

I walk down a road that seems familiar to me
But I don’t seem to like anything that I see
I’ve seen it before; I want something new
I want to be enlightened, maybe by you
I want to be shown new things and thoughts
So show me your plans and show me your plots
Maybe you’ll see what I’ve been through
Maybe you’ll go where I’m going too

I walk down a road but I’ve seen it before
Nothing seems new; everything’s a bore
Excitement, shock, the essence of surprise
None of it appears when I look in your eyes
To wait it out or to give up soon?
That’s the question I ask to the stars and moon
But the sky won’t tell me what I should do
Only you can change what I’m telling you

I walk down a road and see a fork in sight
Now I may go left; now I may go right
The decision will be the ultimate test
So which road do I take? Which one is best?
The left may take me to worlds unknown
The right may show me sights not shown
I can’t go both ways so I must make a choice
Either I’ll end with sadness or I’ll end with rejoice

I walk down a road and take my chances
I took the left and now my life advances
The right isn’t always right as few people know
The right is too common and so it doesn’t let you grow
The left is different; the left is new
The left has skies of green and grasses of blue
So I took the left, but I may be wrong
But I have to make the left feel right my whole life long

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2 Responses to Take the Left

  1. pita says:

    This are the line that sets your poem apart from any I have read. “The left is different; the left is new”
    #The left has skies of green and grasses of blue”. I wonder how I often I take the risk to do something new. I am a victim of monotony, same old. I do not delve into the unkown anymore. Hence i wear the tired pair of eyes. Everything is dusty. Everything is rusty and murky. This could be the reason my vision is blury – almost myopic. Deep inside i feel frustrated because everything has been the same, some sort of nothing. So thank you for giving a fresh pair of eyes. The left for me can still be the journey down the streets i grew up in with a new perspective. I will now stare with probing eyes to find meaning into nothing (the same old). I may find the blue in green and the green in blue. Thank you and good writing.

  2. Lloyd says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on sun. Regards

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