Emotional Affairs

By Dorothy Yim

Anger is my life-long lover,
maddened by my affair with Grace.
Grace, who envies my delightful waltz with Hope,
twirls me straight into Despair’s arms,
watching as I fall heavy and trip over Grief.

Frustration and Passion and Fury,
all cloaked in endless robes of ruby red,
each take turns to seduce me into their arms,
frustratingly, passionately, furiously.
But a minute too late,
for Joy has his delicate fingers dancing lithely,
strumming the strings to my tender heart.

Alas, I have lived a life rich with lovers,
but not without a visit from Happiness,
who beckoned me closer and closer still-
possessively, selfishly.
And though I longed to be his only lover,
I turned and parted my lips to say,
“You and I cannot exist together
if my affairs are forbidden.”


About Richard S.

M.P.A. Candidate, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs | History buff, econ geek, policy wonk and aspiring author from Los Angeles. Follow me on Twitter @richard_cecil
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