By Denise Lin

I am quiet because my thoughts are unruly.
They scream, they shriek, they tear at my cranium,
Until I am just one big concussion.
If I wasn’t so careful,
They would spill out of my mouth like vomit.
And I would hate to burn holes in your pristine lawn,
Or stain your white carpet,
With the harsh contents of my mind.

And so I muffle my thoughts in brain fluid,
And bear the echoes that build upon one another,
Reverberating between skull and flesh.
Let me explain this one time that I am quiet because
My world is loud enough without me saying a word.

But I’m also quiet because I’m powerful.
You know, some don’t need an introduction.
Don’t need to assert their presence.
Some value silence over white noise,
And know that noise whispers and silence shouts.

But if you knew me you would not think I am quiet.
If you knew me, you would know that,
If you stopped talking and listened for a while,
You might hear the remnants of my thoughts,
You might hear them hiss out of my ears.

But stop.
It seems you’ve missed your chance.
It’s the quiet ones you have to look out for.
And while you were wasting your time,
Unraveling the turnings of my mind,
I have been plotting your demise.
And with that strange mind of mine,
I have already killed you three times.
One by gun, one by knife, and the last one a surprise.


About Richard S.

M.P.A. Candidate, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs | History buff, econ geek, policy wonk and aspiring author from Los Angeles. Follow me on Twitter @richard_cecil
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