The Expansion of the Den

I didn’t mean to spend the whole day tabling at the Enormous Activities Fair, but once you’re there it’s hard to leave. There’s always someone new to tell about the club, and once that person signs up and disappears, another one pops up and I launch into my spiel without even thinking.

We passed out over 200 flyers and added even more to our email list. This level of interest in our little club is absolutely astounding. The 2011-2012 school year more than doubled the number of members in the Writer’s Den, and judging by the enthusiastic responses of several students we met today, we’ll probably see a similar growth.

Writing is one of those activities that people don’t often admit they do, and so it’s hard to find and connect with fellow writers in the community. I love the Writer’s Den because it provides a place for that to happen—a warm, welcoming place where new members can thrive.  Knowing there are over 200 people with a need we can fill is both thrilling and terrifying. It’s thrilling because I love this club to pieces and want it to succeed where other writing organizations at UCLA have faded away, but terrifying because we’re entering uncharted territory. We’re growing, and we need to evolve to accommodate that expansion. We’re already strategizing and thinking of new ways to run large-scale meetings while retaining the small, supportive atmosphere that has characterized the Writer’s Den for the past six years.

But we can do it. I know we can.

I’ll inevitably miss the old ways (well, no one can replace Andrew) but there are so many new opportunities for this club with this huge potential email list and there are so many new awesome people to meet that I can’t help but figuratively jump up and down in my chair with enthusiasm.

So to our new members: welcome. We’re excited to have you. AND I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET ALL OF YOU.

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One Response to The Expansion of the Den

  1. Christopher Crazyhead says:

    Oh lawd.

    lols. Approve

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