On Forgetfulness


So, I forgot to write my blog post yesterday. I was too busy watching the Lorax (don’t bother with it) and losing miserably at the local pub quiz (“What does the ‘para’ stand for in the ‘paralympics’” Not. A. Clue.).

Ok, I wasn’t overly busy at all. The point is, I forgot. And forgetting is bad. ESPECIALLY when it comes to writing.

So, just a quick tip for today: when you’re writing your story, NOTE EVERY SINGLE DETAIL ABOUT YOUR WORLD DOWN in a separate document. Write everything down about your characters (eye color, likes, dislikes, important things they’ve said, background, family). Write everything down about your settings (especially important if you’re writing in a different world to Earth). Most importantly, write any important incidents down (deaths, births, break ups, etc). If you’re not the sort of person who plans everything out before they start to write, compile your lists and documents as you go along.

Trust me, this’ll save SO MUCH TIME when you’re editing your piece. Without your handy info at the ready, you’re bound to forget something important about your story. I know I have. Once, I had a character at the beginning of one of my novels mourning over the death of her father. Then, at the end of the book, the same character decides to go visit her father for some advice. Hmmm. Yeah, mine’s a pretty extreme case, but it can happen!

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