Trim the Fat? Nah.

Came across this website (The Writer’s Diet) that takes a writing sample and analyses it to help you trim the fat, rating parts of your writing from “lean” to “heart attack territory.”

Like all generators, it’s not perfect, but it is definitely interesting to see what part of speech I tend to use the most (apparently, my use of verbs is in the “heart attack territory.”) But you know what, when writing stories, sometimes you want that excess, those repetitions, those phrases that build on each other until they find a way to–

Try it out. Maybe it won’t quite work in trimming down the fat, maybe it will, what matters is that the results generated sure do make pretty colors.

In other irrelevant news, click here for a photo of book cupcakes.

And here’s a quote that’s supposed to be profound:


Maturity is when we realize that monsters live on top of beds.

-Nelson Costa

(Apparently, the overall score of this post is “Flabby.” I’m not quite sure I know what I feel about this. I think every text body shape is beautiful.)

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One Response to Trim the Fat? Nah.

  1. Thanks. That was really interesting. Seems I’ve got some flab happening too. Better stay off the cupcakes. 🙂

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