Where you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT go to write

One of the problems I’ve always had with writing is that sitting in one place for too long just gets boring. After a few hours at my desk, my muscles start to cramp, the air starts to taste gross and my leg starts twitching. Maybe it’s because I’m sort of a restless person, but I find that changing my environment every couple of hours really refreshes my mind and helps to keep the words flowing.

Because I like to move around a lot, I’ve compiled a list of the GOOD places to go to write and the BAD places to go to write. And here they are…

You SHOULD go to:


There is coffee here. And some pretty groovy music playing over the intercom. You’ll probably even see some fellow washed-up writers sitting around you. Just make sure to look aggressive if someone is looking longingly at your table.

The train station

Or the bus station. Or anywhere where people are coming on and off public transport. Sure, you’ll look pretty creepy sitting there for hours on end, but the amount of conversations you’ll overhear and the amount of people you’ll see are priceless. I mean, people are my main source of inspiration, so going to a place where there’s a lot of activity buzzing around me is a no-brainer.

The library


Somewhere outside

Head on down to the beach, or to the park, or somewhere else pretty. Even if you don’t end up writing anything, it’ll clear your mind for sure.

An airplane

THERE’S NO INTERNET. If you’re like me, the internet is the most brilliant yet hideous thing on the face on this earth. While Wikipedia has saved my butt countless times, there also exist very evil sites like Neopets, which’ll drag you in and waste hours upon hours of your time. So, for as much as it’s unnerving not being able to see if I have any new messages on Facebook, it’s so nice just to be able to sit down and write without being tempted by the little Internet Explorer icon. However, I hear that some planes these days are getting equipped with wifi…This is very bad.

You SHOULD NOT go to:

Your sink

For the longest time, I had gotten into the habit of sitting in a sink basin I had in my room. I would prop myself up there for an hour or two and tap away at my laptop. I ended up hurting my back. So yeah…um…don’t do this.

Your bed

You will fall asleep. Trust me.

The pool

You might feel like some high-profile author as you scribble away at your latest novel, sprawled out on a sun lounger in your bikini, but your work’ll get splashed on. And this might make you cry.

The kitchen

When I get really into my writing, I’m generally not aware of the world around me. When I’m in the kitchen, this is a very bad thing. I’ll eat snack after snack without even realizing it and feel obese for the rest of the day.

My real list is actually longer, but these are the more normal places I go to…. Where do you like to write?


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2 Responses to Where you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT go to write

  1. …Now I’m tempted to write in a sink…

  2. Crystal Silverglade says:

    In a tree. Not even kidding. I have trees around my home and UCLA that I have dedicated as writing trees. I did it in high school and have done it since my grandpa first taught me how to climb trees. Take a small backpack with a notebook up a tree. Then sit and scribble and watch the world.

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