Creative Exercise #2: Shake Up Your Routine

Hey guys, this is a continuation of the first blog I wrote on the book A Whack on the Side of the Head: How You Can Be More Creative.  The book is funny, short, and very insightful, so I highly recommend it.

As a human you are a creature of habit; you form routines: Wake up, yawn, brush your teeth, put in your contacts, shave, dress, eat, leave, get to class, sit in the back, check your facebook status, etc.  If you were to step back and watch video footage of how you spent each of the previous five days of your life, you would probably be shocked at how similar each of those days were to each other.

One of the points the book makes is that if you want to be creative, you have to shake up your daily routine.  Try shaving on the left side of your face first instead of the right side (for you ladies, I guess the left leg instead of the right leg)  Try putting your alarm on the floor instead of on the desk.  Sit in a different seat in class.  Try a new food.  Watch Spiderman instead of Batman, make human noises instead of goat noises, just DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

If you don’t shake up your routine, if you go through the same motions every day, how can you possibly expect to come up with a creative new story idea, let alone be a creative, interesting person?


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2 Responses to Creative Exercise #2: Shake Up Your Routine

  1. I’m going to shake things up and make human noises today.

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