So we all know how bad the star wars prequels were: Jar Jar Binks, illogical plot development, and the most forced love scenes (no pun intended) in cinematic history are just a few examples of what went wrong with this franchise.

A few months ago I came across a series of youtube videos by Red Letter Media that do a terrific job of outlining the story flaws in all three films.  If you haven’t seen these reviews, stop what you are doing and visit the link at the bottom.  It takes a while to get used to the guy’s weird and somewhat disturbing sense of humor, but he is funny and he has some good comments.  Also, when you watch them, take all the mistakes that George Lucas made with the script and characters as pointers of what NOT to do when writing a story

A couple things I learned from the videos about characters:

First,  make sure that your main character is introduced early and is cognizant of what is going on around him or her, unlike Anakin, who is introduced 45 minutes into the movie and is ignorant of what is going on around him.

Second, make sure that your characters have strong personalities, unlike the characters in the Star Wars prequels.  The reviewer in this video interviewed some people and asked them the following question,

“Describe the following Star Wars character, without saying what they look like, what kind of costume they wore, or what their profession or role in the movie was.  Describe this character to your friends like they ain’t never seen Star Wars.”

When asked about Han Solo and C3P0, there was no problem describing their personalities.  With Qui Gon Jinn and Queen Amidala, umm… let’s just say there were difficulties.

There are many other points the reviewer makes about the story, like logic and pacing that are worth paying close attention to as well.  Check it out, you’ll like it.


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