Link Dump: Old Writing Blogs

Writing advice never gets old. That’s partially why a number of writing/publishing blogs stop updating—the people behind those websites feel like they’ve said all they possibly can about the subject. But their advice is still useful. Below is a list of writing blogs (and one podcast) that, sadly, are no longer updated regularly and which I dearly miss.

  • BookEnds Literary Agency: Agent blogs are great sources for information about the submissions process. This blog, in particular, had a lot of fantastic material about the agent-author relationship and loads of advice for writing queries.
  • Editorial Anonymous: This was part of a circle of anonymous publishing blogs that were super popular back around 2009. Of that circle, a few de-anonymized and still hang around, but most haven’t been updated for a while. This blog functioned as a Q&A from the publisher’s end and answered mostly questions about book rights, manuscripts on submission to publishers, and dealing with editors.
  • Lit Drift: Its tagline is “Storytelling in the twenty-first century,” which sums it up pretty well. The “From One Young Writer to Another” series is especially well done. I’m hoping Lit Drift makes a comeback, because this was one of my favorites.
  • Pimp My Novel: Since this blog was written by a sales representative for a major publishing house, it naturally covered the sales process and how books end up in bookstores. It also talked a lot about the future of the publishing industry with an incredible optimism that made me excited about the eBook revolution (even though I still don’t own an e-reader…).
  • Will Write For Wine: Take two midlist romance novelists, give them each a microphone and a bottle of wine, and you’ve got Will Write for Wine, “a podcast about wine, writing, and song…but mostly about wine and writing.” Each episode features discussions on characterization, structure, dealing with readers, the publishing industry…you name it, they’ve probably covered it. Even the episode titles are awesome. You never thought listening to two tipsy middle-aged women would be fun…until you found WWfW. (Download episodes from the website or find it on iTunes. Also, before you get confused: the people behind this podcast both wrote under pen names and changed their pseudonyms in 2010. Lani Diane Rich is now Lucy March and Samantha Graves is now CJ Barry.)
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