Eye on the Ball – the Solution to Writer’s Block

I’m seriously contemplating making this about Batman.

Okay, I resisted. Some of you may know this already, but hey, a reminder helps. When writing anything–or working on anything–you need to have your mind going back to the subject matter just about 24/7. I’ve found this helpful when dealing with a difficult math problem, or some blasted C++ code that won’t freaking work…but I digress. Really, it’s most important when writing a long piece.

It’s something I’ve forgotten lately and that’s why I’ve had so much trouble finishing a novel. If you want to get a story finished you’ll ideally be thinking about it throughout your day, e.g. what a character is like/would do, plot points, themes. (I think I just felt an earthquake.) Your mind should naturally go to it, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be the next sentence in your word doc; it can be about the ending, or maybe something in the beginning. But if you don’t think about it all, you’ll find yourself at a loss when writing the next chapter.

But Richarddddd, I don’t have timeeee (imagining this in Angelica’s voice). This is my problem as well. Too many things to think about. But really, why shouldn’t you focus on this some of the time? All the other things are usually less than pleasant, and it can be a good de-stresser–that is, after all, why we write, I assume. It’s a small (if somewhat pathetic) success to have figured out what your antagonist’s next evil deed is.

So with that I say don’t only write, but think. Now back to watching Smallville. I’m kind of annoyed Bruce Wayne/Batman does not make an appearance in this, but I’ll get over it…maybe.

Source: Google Images/Tumblr


About Richard S.

M.P.A. Candidate, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs | History buff, econ geek, policy wonk and aspiring author from Los Angeles. Follow me on Twitter @richard_cecil
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2 Responses to Eye on the Ball – the Solution to Writer’s Block

  1. I actually read that part in my voice too, before reading what you put in the parenthesis.

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