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I’m going to give you links to a bunch of different places. And you’re going to be inspired and like it.

How do I become an author? Click here.

What did some famous writers do before they were famous writers? Click here.

I’m writing about a character who’s scared. How do I channel fear?

“How strange it is. We have these deep terrible lingering fears about ourselves and the people we love. Yet we walk around, talk to people, eat and drink. We manage to function. The feelings are deep and real. Shouldn’t they paralyze us? How is it we can survive them, at least for a little while? We drive a car, we teach a class. How is it no one sees how deeply afraid we were, last night, this morning? Is it something we all hide from each other, by mutual consent? Or do we share the same secret without knowing it? Wear the same disguise?”
— Don DeLillo

Speaking about fear, here’s (probably) the longest suggestion I will give you, one that you’ve heard many times before but brushed aside: Write the story that only you can write. The one you keep putting off.

Write the story that you were always afraid to tell. I swear to you that there is magic in it, and if you show yourself naked for me, I’ll be naked for you. It will be our covenant.”
— Dorothy Allison

For my past two workshops at UCLA, my professor (who wrote Bone) drilled into our heads that what we write is worth it, and it’s worth it because it’s a story no one else can write. Well, how do you know if it’s the story that only you can write? I don’t know. You just do. Because you feel something and the reader feels something, and all I can say is that your palms get sweaty and your heart starts pounding even before you set the first letter on the page.

Your story doesn’t feel right?

I stole this from Tumblr.

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