Volunteering Update: “I would not like them here or there. I would not like them anywhere.”


Last Friday, during the morning class, Mrs. G– shared with the volunteers some green eggs and ham that she made.  It was quite crunchy. And salty. And sweet. I bet the afternoon volunteers were quite jealous.

Actually, I shouldn’t say “jealous.” I meant to say, I bet the afternoon volunteers’ stomach were rumbling as they stared at the empty plate, the ends of their lips  twitching ever so slightly and their eyes narrowing into slits.

(For last week’s lesson, we reminded the students to “Show, Don’t Tell” in the stories that they’re revising for their final draft, focusing on a couple of categories such as villains/minor characters, setting, and dialogue. One of our examples in the list to change was “Joker Crazy.”)

Need a prompt? Here’s a prompt:

Pick one line from any Dr. Seuss book. Make a story. Go.

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