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Help Support Creative Writing!

Dear People of the Internet,
The UCLA Writer’s Den is looking to win $5k to help teach creative writing to our kids at Columbus Middle School and we need your help! The contest ends tonight at 9PM PST and Yale and Michigan are gaining steam fast!
To vote:
1. go to
2. click on the green “Vote” button in the right corner
3. Vote for “The Writer’s Den” in the “Art” category

Andrew, The Writer’s Den, and our 65 middle school students (do it for the kids!)

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Help us win $$$!

So, our own external vice president entered us into a national student groups contest by Zipcar–and we’re finalists!

We’ve already made 1,000 bucks for transportation, but we aren’t done! We need your help!

Go to and like the page, and then vote for us! We’re in the “Arts” category, because, well, we are artists.

Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell anyone who has a facebook.

And if you find someone that doesn’t have a facebook, tell them to make one.

We could win $5,500 if we have the most votes at the end of the contest. We could use the money, because we can’t get to our tutoring gigs if we don’t have transportation!

It takes at most 30 seconds, so go forth and click!

The Writer's Den takes to the streets.

Thanks a bunch.

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Volunteer Update: To Bee or Not to Bee


By: Angelica Lai on her handy dandy camera phone.

On the drive back from volunteering with the 7th grade class on this sleep-deprived morning, there was a bee clinging to the window of the car. We think it was pollinating the glass.

We named it Stick. But one of our volunteers wanted to name it Spider Bee. I said we could use that as a hooker name, and then they got into a debate with me about what constitutes a hooker name.

Eventually, I think we stuck with Stick.

Oh yes, the actual point of this post: We taught the students about theme today so they could incorporate it into the short stories they’re working on.

They ended up creating alternate ending to fairy tales and superhero stories and such, and seeing how that would change up the themes.

My group did Goldilocks and one of the students made the bears evil and put sleeping pills in the Just Right bowl. When Goldilocks fell asleep on the Just Right bed, they ate her. And she tasted Just Right.

The theme they came up with? Nature’s the boss.

Now your challenge as a writer, if you want a prompt:

Come up with an alternate ending, whether a well-known story or one that you already wrote. And Bee amazed. (I enjoy puns way too much don’t I? Don’t judge me, it Stings.)