I want a New Year’s post too.

After reading Richard’s very, very, very, very (I really can’t find any other word) helpful entry, Andrew’s beautifully rooted piece (I made a pun here so you should really click on the link just to understand it. Really. I worked so hard on it. (Also, those links are for the lazy people who refuse to scroll down, which is probably 107% of us.), and Jessica’s entry/piece that isn’t really about New Year’s but I’m going to pretend it is because of (inset reason here), I decided that I should do one too.

But before I begin, I just wanted to point out that I forgot to post yesterday. Everyone probably missed me so terribly that they had to stuff their faces with Poptarts and peanut butter cookies.

My New Year’s Resolution was to write a blog entry on here that was actually more than 250 words. But I think there’s a more important issue at hand now: There are approximately 40 yogurt covered pretzels currently sitting on my desk. And I don’t know if I should consume them by pairs or one at a time. So to be a better person, I resolve to eat three yogurt covered pretzels at a time whenever the opportunity arises this year.

Now to the real point of this entry, for all you writers and non-writers, writers who think you’re not writers, and non-writers who think you’re writers, (I’m just kidding about the last part, in all honesty, a writer has no definition and I really do think everyone can find some sort of writing medium to convey their thoughts in a beautiful way–but that argument is for another day)–anyway, to you,

I’d like to start off by thanking you because I can’t believe you’re still reading this. Second of all, I’m going to throw a quote at you:

“It is the function of art to renew our perception. What we are familiar with we cease to see. The writer shakes up the familiar scene, and, as if by magic, we see a new meaning in it.”

Anais Nin

(I love inserting quotes. It somehow makes me seem wise. (I also love inserting parenthesis. It makes me seem funny.))

In the spirit of the new year, I just want to say first off that a lot of us are lazy and probably aren’t writing as much as we should and use the lack of time as an excuse. So. I challenge you (to a Pokemon battle) to sit down for 20 minutes and write something, anything relevant to the quote. Feel free to post it here. You can take one of your stories and change a female character to a male character, see how that reworks it. Or you can even write about perception. Or even someone blind. Or rewrite a fairy tale, etc. etc. etc.

If you need more of a push, here’s a random image for you filled with useless words:

Or, you can just comment with your new year’s resolution.


And finally, something to think about:

P.S. Hi Jessica. I’m looking at you too. Well, kind of. I know you want to click this.

WordPress says my word count is 510. I think I wrote enough for this year & next year.

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