For kicks and giggles.

Because I kick and giggle.

Lesson of the day: Proofread, proofread, proofread. Edit, edit, edit. Say everything three times, say everything three times, say everything three times. Let your writing sit for a few days or weeks or months. When you reread it with fresh eyes, you’ll wonder why you wrote what you wrote in the first place.

Or if you’re lucky, you’ll think of yourself as a brilliant genius. (For example, I reread this sentence, and realized “brilliant” and “genius” basically convey the same thing, so if I were to rewrite it, I’d probably scratch off one of the words. But I will keep it this way because 1) It proves a point, and 2) I am much too lazy to go back and change it right now.)

See, redundancies = bad. I think:

On an unrelated note, what does this image make you think of?

It makes me think of candy. Or Slinkies.

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2 Responses to For kicks and giggles.

  1. Or maybe that should have been “Slinky’s” in the spirit of the post…

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