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Think about this along with New Year’s Resolutions

Okay, this one’s a bit long, but it’s worth reading! Advertisements

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For kicks and giggles.

Because I kick and giggle.

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Daily Dose of Awesome No. 271

keep drawing from studio shelter on Vimeo.

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Writing habits that will get you on the ‘naughty’ list

In a thought-provoking ThrillerFest panel, four popular authors shared what they believe to be the deadly sins of the writing craft. Here are seven of their offerings. Have you committed any of them? See how many lumps of coal I … Continue reading

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You’re a writer.

Therefore, you’re also a reader. I hope. Check out this website (Bookseer) to generate a Winter Break reading list. Or Spring Break reading list. Or Summer reading list. Or your entire life, post-life, post-post-life, post-post-post life reading list.

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By Laurent Laveder

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House of the Sun

-via bottle-green

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