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November: The Unappreciated Month

November is a great month. But the unfortunate thing is, a lot of people neglect to recognize its awesomeness because they are too caught up in the beginnings of the Christmas festivities. Which should technically be reserved for December. But let’s … Continue reading

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Set your clocks!

The end of Daylight Savings is always a very special day because we all gain an extra hour to dink around and do whatever we want. It’s this cool once-a-year thing that you forget about until the day it happens, … Continue reading

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Volunteering Update: “Don’t say the old lady screamed. Bring her on and let her scream.” – Mark Twain

Today we asked our students to help create a class “Facebook page” as an exercise for their short story lesson on Characters. This one is from our 8 a.m. 7th-grade class. It’s a bit tiny and pixel-ey because it was … Continue reading

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