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November: The Unappreciated Month

November is a great month. But the unfortunate thing is, a lot of people neglect to recognize its awesomeness because they are too caught up in the beginnings of the Christmas festivities. Which should technically be reserved for December.

But let’s take a closer look at November itself. I am not going to write fourteen reasons why November is awesome like I did with October, because I don’t have the energy. But here are some reasons:

–Midterms are pretty much over (well at least for most North campus folks.) That also means it’s probably time to start on those big term papers, but let’s be honest…we don’t start those till 10th week anyway.

–Veterans’ Day! This year, Veterans’ Day was on 11/11/11, which made it extra cool. (hope you made a good wish, by the way.) It’s a day off…and of course, let’s not forget to recognize all them veterans who are way braver than us!

–Thanksgiving. This is my personal favorite holiday. The food is amazing, you get to go home for a spell…watch the Macy’s parade…etc etc. In college, though, Thanksgiving is such a tease. After 4 days of stuffing your face and relaxing, you’re suddenly at school again having to study for finals.

In conclusion, (fifth grade transition word), here is a haiku about November. Please submit your own haiku in the comments section, because I am sure it will be better than mine. I look forward to reading it!

eating together

pre-manifest destiny

first thanksgiving peace



Set your clocks!

The end of Daylight Savings is always a very special day because we all gain an extra hour to dink around and do whatever we want. It’s this cool once-a-year thing that you forget about until the day it happens, and when it does you feel like a time traveller.

Until you realize everyone else is resetting their clocks too, so you aren’t really travelling through time.


I used the extra hour to have a fancy brie and crackers and salami dinner with my friends. We definitely felt like aristocrats.

What did you all do with your extra hour this weekend?

And don’t say sleep.

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Volunteering Update: “Don’t say the old lady screamed. Bring her on and let her scream.” – Mark Twain

Today we asked our students to help create a class “Facebook page” as an exercise for their short story lesson on Characters.

This one is from our 8 a.m. 7th-grade class. It’s a bit tiny and pixel-ey because it was taken from my old old old mobile phone that is somehow exceeding the life expectancy that I predicted. (My prediction: two days. It has now been over 1,095 days, and I am sad.)

But that’s okay, because all you need to know about the photo below is that the character they came up with was an evil genius scientist with scars and a goatee and “Jimmy-Neutron” hair (as a student passionately declared), and this scientist likes screamo and classical music–but more importantly, she is a 32-year-old woman.

And this…was from the 2 p.m. 8th-grade class.

No explanations necessary.