Mr. Crichton, c. a really long time ago

Sixty-nine years ago today, a great man was born into the world of writing, and his name was Michael Crichton. If you don’t know who Michael Crichton is, you need to do your research. Actually, you should go back in time to when you were 11-ish and learn about him so that you will have known who he was since you were old enough to read his books.

Anyways, he wasn’t a brilliant wordsmith or anything, but he sure knew how to tell a story. He’s the only guy I’ve heard of who can make a cloud of nano-particle cameras seem interesting. He can turn time travel into a medieval battle of life and death. He’s the reason whenever I hear the word “Andromeda” (like in Harry Potter, anyone?) I think of an Arizona village where everyone except a little baby and an old man have died.

But mostly, he’s the reason that if you only know one of the ancient dinosaur ages, the one you know is Jurassic. Inevitably.

Even if you don’t think science is tedious, you can enjoy the hell out of a Michael Crichton book. He is the master of the page-turner. Next time you go to the beach, bring a Michael Crichton with you.

So to all ye mini-writers out there, even if you’re an English major and thus a literary snob (I ain’t judgin’), we can all take a note from Mr. Crichton. He was passionate about his writing and he was a hard worker, crankin’ em out every couple years. He shaped my tween years, but I still enjoy his books to date.

Leave a comment with your favorite young adult author & favorite book from them!

For me, it’s Michael Crichton, and it’s between Jurassic Park and Prey.

Also, J. K. Rowling is a given, so don’t waste our time.

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  1. Ohh, I’m going to gave to pick one up then :P. Let’s see, young adult, I’m not entirely positive where that age range falls in because I am still a sucker for younger children’s to young adult fantasy and adventure novels, but I will have to say one of my favorite writers is Cornelia Funke. My little sister actually started reading her books first, then I stole them and read them all before she finished. I loved the Ink Trilogy. The first was made into a movie( Ink Heart), but I thought it was very disappointing compared to the actual story. The second was Ink Spell, and the last was Ink Death (probably my favorite).

  2. All things JD Salinger, though if I had to pick, I’d go with Nine Stories. Great mix of humor, lightheartedness, and loss, and everything in-between. Also fun to see Salinger handle some new characters while revisiting some old ones with the Glass family.

    Started getting into some of Haruki Murakami’s short stories at the moment. Really, really great stuff, love the way his prose almost comes off as poetry.

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