Happy October 16th!

Halloween is approaching….

Hope all you writers out there are brewing up a good scary story!!

Here is a list of 16 reasons (in honor of the date) why October/ Halloween is inspiring:

1. FALL– fall is an awesome season, setting-wise. It’s a great backdrop for your gothic, gloomy, and spooky stories. Crunchy leaves, rain, chilly nights, the bright orange harvest moon…there is so much to work with!

2. COLUMBUS DAY–Whether you think Columbus is a genocidal maniac or a fearless explorer, he’s a historical figure and it’s fun to think and/or write about history!

3. THE NEW YEAR (for Jews, anyway)–The New Year symbolizes a lot of things, namely, new beginnings and rebirth. A central theme to so many stories!

4. CEMETERIES/GRAVEYARDS–whether you look upon them as peaceful or unnerving, cemeteries are a great place to draw inspiration. Think about how many people are buried there, and how many life experiences are contained in that small tract of land. I’m sure every one of those gravestones marks an incredible untold story.

5. MIDTERMS–You supposed to be studying? Me too. Midterms are the best time to write because we can use it as a form of procrastination!

6. PUMPKINS–For eating or for carving, we can all appreciate pumpkins at some point in our lives.

7. CORN MAZES–Don’t get lost…

8. WITCHES–Witches make great fodder for stories. Whether you’re going for supernatural Macbeth-type witches, metaphorical Crucible-type witches, or just downright creepy Roald Dahl Witches, witches are an instant classic. I could make a whole other list of awesome witches from stories, but that would be too many lists.

9. THE HARVEST–Sure, Los Angeles is pretty damn far removed from the whole harvest culture, but we can still all slap on a pair of overalls and a checked shirt and go to Whole Foods to pretend we are real country farmers. That’s always fun.

10. LEAVES– They make fun crunchy sounds and are oh-so-satisfying to step on, they’re pretty colors, and they’re super fun to make piles of and jump in. The only lame thing about them is the leaf-blowers that inevitably accompany them…I swear those guys just move the leaves around really noisily and never accomplish anything.

11. CANDY–Duh…especially for us writers, bogged down with midterms and lack of sleep, candy is a magical thing. It tastes great, it keeps you awake, and adds an extra 10 WPM onto your typing speed.

12. GHOSTS–Just like witches, you can create all manner of ghosts. Friendly Caspers, Informative Fathers of Hamlet, and slightly perverted Moaning Myrtles. Not to mention the obvious terrifying ghosts. There are a lot of options.

13. BEING CONFUSED ABOUT NUMBERS–“October” should be the 8th month, according to its name. And I know it was at some point in some part of the world, but it’s just confusing now. The year should end in February according to the names of the last four months. Way to be super confusing, history of the origins of month words.

14. BLACK CATS–Superstitions are always fun to talk about in stories, and in general.

15. OKTOBERFEST–Germany is weird.

16. SPRING–this is for readers on the other side of the equator, of which I am sure there are none, but I felt like I should mention it.


I just realized it would have been a lot easier to do this post at the beginning of the month. Happy Mid-October everyone!

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