The Writer's Den

UCLA's creative writing student group

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The purpose of the Writer’s Den is threefold:

Onefold: Teach middle school children what it is to be a creative writer. Hopefully, by the end of the year, the wee pupils of Columbus middle school will all be blossoming novelists. Or, at least, understand that having to write isn’t a death sentence.

Twofold: Once a week, get together all the UCLA writer-y types to share their work in an open forum. So if you have a story hidden in a locked drawer in your room that you have never shown anyone, but you desperately want feedback…come Tuesdays at 7:00. If it sucks, we’ll ask you to leave.*

Threefold: Provide the aforementioned people a place to just sit down and write their brains out. Everyone knows the hardest thing about writing is actually motivating yourself to start. So, after every weekly meeting we’ll spend an hour trying to overcome the Everest that is writer’s block.

Email for more details!!



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